About QSS


About Qwabe Security Services

Qwabe Security Services (Pty) Ltd- incorporated in 2017, specialises in Intelligence led security operations. Our specialised safety and security solutions offer risk-management solutions which prioritise prevention and strengthen your company’s defences. Our services include: Specialised Intelligence; Forensic Investigations; Digital Operations Centre; Specialist Mining Services; Intelligence Vehicles and Executive Protection.

Qwabe Security Services is 100% black owned and seeks to promote economic empowerment. Additionally, we provide employment opportunities to historically disadvantaged individuals (HDI). Thus contributing towards decreasing unemployment and improving our security workforce.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the most reliable service provider within the security industry- branching from South Africa to neighbouring African Countries. Through the continuous improvement of our security solutions, we will progress with our clients evolving security needs.

We will achieve this with our integrity and honesty intact. Through loyalty and hard work, we will continue providing excellent service to our clients.

Our highest priority is fulfilling customer expectations through quality service and industry-leading customer support.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide tailor made security services to bridge the gap created by traditional blanket solutions. Our risk-management based approach focuses on prevention- going beyond early threat detection. We provide timely and effective service delivery throughout Southern Africa.

We constantly aim to improve our training methods for efficient security teams. We further invest in reliable technology and specialised security solutions. This has and will continue to enable us to establish long-term partnerships with our clients.
Through our leadership, we will establish and communicate our vision for the organisation and exemplify our core values to guide the behaviour of all.

We endeavour to achieve the highest aspirations of our current and potential customers. Through growth, self-actualisation, and the yearning for excellence.

Our highly trained officers protect clients, associates and families, paying close attention to every security detail.

Our Approach

Our approach to safety is the use of specialised processes and transformative security tools. Our services include integrated solutions involving both technological and physical security interventions. We offer the highest measure of prevention of internal and external security risks. Through risk management, network forensics and long term strategies.

We have successfully protected our clients from special circumstances; whether minor or high risk. We Fight against crime to discover the truth and protect our clients.

Our Team

Qwabe Security staff is trustworthy and act with the strictest confidentiality. Our team comprises of skilled specialists; trained to find a needle in a haystack. Our highly trained guards have experience in the safety and security market. They are prepared for a variety of special security circumstances; whether minor or high risk, such as unexpected events and dangerous situations.

Qwabe Security act without delay. Our prevention techniques, awareness, visibility, and quick response are some of the reasons for our success.